Syn Free HexB Pizza

So, the entire Slimming World community seemed to go into a meltdown last week after someone posted a picture of the Asda Wholemeal Bread Mix and revealed that this could be used as your HexB option on Slimming World to make pizza (as can the Aldi one and Tesco – see update below). Having had a bit of a Google, it does turn out that people have known about this amazing revelation for quite a while, I’ve found posts about it from before the Easy Extra plan was introduced, so quite why I’m only discovering this now I can’t tell you!  However…drum roll please…I can now 100% confirm that you can indeed have completely syn free pizza on Slimming World! How exciting is that! Using your HexB (60g of cooked bread mix) and your HexA (40g of grated Mozzarella) as well as the very delicious syn free pizza sauce that I’ve concocted, as well as whatever syn free toppings you like, you can create pizza that will not only keep you on track for weight loss, but would actually be viable if you’re doing an SP day!  I’ve popped the recipe for the tomato sauce online too, so this recipe … Continue reading Syn Free HexB Pizza