Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Christmas Gift Guide: FOOD & DRINK

There’s less than a month until Christmas and if you haven’t started stocking up for Christmas then it’s high time you did! Food and Christmas go together like hand in glove and there are some delicious foodie gifts and stocking fillers out there to get your hands on. From candy canes for the trees to chocolate making kits there’s endless choices for the foodie in your life, many of which I’ve included below….but Christmas isn’t all about food, it’s also about the booze! I’ve also included some suggestions for drinks you could be buying this Christmas, either as gifts or to enjoy on the day itself! 

Original Candy – £0.85 each

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Candy canes are an essential and wonderful part of Christmas and there are none better than the Natural Candy Canes from the Original Candy Company. Handmade and coloured they come in a huge range of flavours, from traditional peppermint to cherry, cola, toffee mint and tutti frutti! They’re totally free from artificial colours and flavourings which makes them much better for kids than the mass produced ones out there and they’re so quintessentially Christmas! RRP £0.85 each 

Haribo Christmas Range – from £1

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Haribo are practically a national hero and as such make up a pretty large part of any sweet based holiday. Christmas, with its many beautiful connotations, does have a largely sweet based element to it (or is that just in my house?!?!) and Haribo’s Christmas range is perfect! Included in the picture above are the Haribo Starmix & Tangfastics Cracker, Haribo Mega Stars Selection Box and Haribo Starmixmas and they’re all so Christmas-y and fun! Trust me…the kids and grownups will most certainly love them! RRP from £1 available at shops including Poundland, Tesco, Wilko, Asda, Spar and Toys R Us.

Gourmet Cocktail Gummy Range – from £2.50

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

For a more grownup sweet experience the Gourmet Cocktail Gummy Range from Covent Garden Sweet Shop are perfect! These make the perfect gift or stocking filler and come in two different sizes, 100g pouches or 250g jars and they are just delicious! Pictured above are the Classic Prosecco Gummies, Fizzy Prosecco Gummies and Cuba Libre Gummies. They bring a whole new level of sophistication to the world of sweets, whilst retaining everything you’ve always loved about gummy sweets. Pick them up from Selfridges, Lakeland and John Lewis or via the website. RRP from £2.50 (100g pouch) 

Salter Kitchen Gift Set – RRP £39.99 

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Any foodie worth their salt (excuse the pun) would love this for Christmas! The sleek black design of the scales, thermometer and timer fit perfectly into any kitchen set up and make life in the kitchen so much easier! Whether you’re measuring your healthy extras (for all us Slimming World-ers) or checking that your turkey is perfectly cooked on Christmas day this is the perfect kit to have to hand. Buy it for anyone who loves to cook, or for those looking to try their hand a little more in the kitchen! RRP £39.99 

Brabantia – from £2.50

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Brabantia has a fantastic selection of kitchen goodies which are perfect to check out this Christmas. From stocking fillers like the cookie cutters and cork screws pictured which are available from under £5 to everything from mixing bowl sets to kitchen gadgets you’ll be certain to find something on there for the foodie in your life! RRP from £2.50 

Choc Chicks Starter Kit – RRP £12.99

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

For the chocoholic in your life this Choc Chick Starter Kit is the ideal gift. With enough ingredients to make 30-40 raw chocolates in the adorable mini cases, or 3 larger chocolate bars, or 30 delicious truffles, you really get your moneys worth! The chocolate is all ethically sourced from Ecuador and the simplicity of the recipes means that anyone can use this kit to make delicious chocolate. What’s more, the chocolates are free from dairy, gluten, processed sugars and additives which makes them perfect for anyone with a food allergy or on a diet! RRP £12.99

Beanies Coffee Christmas Shop –  RRP from £3.50

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Beanies is a brand which is particular popular amongst Slimming Worlders because it makes delicious flavoured coffee with no added sugars or syrups at just 2kcals per cup! It’s totally syn free and could easily have fitted into my ‘For Slimmers’ gift guide, however it’s a great gift for anyone who loves food and drink so I kept it in here to make sure as many people knew about it as possible. Beanies have a huge range of flavours from chocolate to Irish cream flavour and just about everything in between, giving you all of the satisfaction of a flavoured syrup (from the likes of Costa or Starbucks) without the unhealthy ingredients! Their Christmas shop is wonderful, with flavours like gingerbread and mulled wine making a show, and a variety of different gift boxes and mugs available! The flavours included in the picture above are included in the Chocolate Mini Stash (RRP £10 including delivery) except the ginger bread flavour which is part of the more general Christmas range. RRP from £3.50

 Mr Stanley’s Confectionery 

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Who doesn’t love traditional sweets?! I certainly do and Mr Stanely’s offers a huge range of nostalgic delights to enjoy this Christmas. From their festive range which includes chocolate cigars (always a favourite in my house!) to chocolate coins, gummy gingerbread men and Turkish delights, to their classic range of fudge, toffees, fudge nougat, honeycomb and even coconut ice, they’ve really got everything you could need. These kind of sweets make the best gifts because they bring back so many memories for just about everyone, particularly if you buy form the ‘Nostalgic Range’ of boiled sweets! It’s tough to give you a starting price for their goodies but there are biscuits on there from under £3 so they hardly break the bank! 

Opies Festive Baking 

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Opies is a family business which has been making delicious food since 1880, and as such they know what they’re doing! They’ve got a huge range of delicious festive goodies stocked in a variety of supermarkets from Waitrose to Tesco. Pictured above are the Black Cherries in Kirsch and the Stem Ginger in Syrup which are both ideal for festive baking! I’m going to be using them in the run up to Christmas but you could either grab them for yourself or gift them to someone who loves to bake. They’re the perfect foodie stocking filler! 

Monkey Shoulder – RRP £28 


Monkey Shoulder is a really recognisable brand and it’s a very affordable whisky to buy this Christmas. Excellent for all occasions, and perfect whether you’re buying it to enjoy after Christmas dinner or as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder! RRP £28

anCnoc 12 Year Old Vintage – RRP £34 

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anCnoc is a world renowned single malt whisky from the Scottish Highlands. For just £34 per bottle it’s an excellent price, making it an easy and perfect gift for the whisky drinker in your life! RRP £34

Balvenie DoubleWood – RRP £70


The most expensive out of the three whiskys included in this gift guide, this 17 year old Balvenie DoubleWood whisky is for the refined whisky drinker looking for something extraordinary! If you’re looking for a gift for the person in your life who knows their whisky this is the perfect option for you! RRP £70

Mac & Wild Cocktails – RRP £29.50 

Christmas Gift Guide Food & Drink

Mac & Wild is London’s top Scottish restaurant and this year to celebrate Christmas has created its own range of bottled, ready to drink cocktails! How great is that?! Just open, serve over ice and enjoy your delicious cocktail! Made using Scotland’s finest whiskies and spirits and evoke all of the beautiful flavours of Scotland! You can pick them up from Selfridges, Whole Foods and 31 Dover. RRP £29.50 (for a full sized bottle) 

Damson Port – RRP £24.95


Damsons are such a traditional ingredient and throughout my childhood we were always making damson jam and liqueurs! I therefore love this Damson Port from Rainsthorpe Manor. All of Rainsthorpe Manor’s products are crafted in North Yorkshire using local ingredients and make the perfect addition to cocktails this Christmas. Brilliant for gifts, or to indulge in yourself this Christmas! RRP 24.95

Rainsthorpe Manor’s 9ct Blood Orange Vodka – RRP  £24.95


Also from Rainsthorpe Manor this vodka is awesome! With real edible gold, as well as the finest blood orange and delicious vodka they’re the ultimate festive drink! Adding a classy touch to a cocktail or for a funky looking shot, you’ll impress your guests for sure! Also available in Toffee & Caramel flavour! RRP £24.95


*I was sent samples of the products in this post to check quality and suitability however I was not paid to include anything and all views and opinions are my own. 

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