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Best Gender Neutral Baby Brands To Shop With

best gender neutral baby brands - unisex baby clothes - gender neutral - baby

 My little boy is due in February 2019 but I’ve known for a long time that my preference in baby clothes is very much skewed towards the gender neutral and whether I had been expecting a little girl or my little boy, I would have still done a fair amount of shopping with brands that stock unisex baby clothes! With that in mind, I’ve already begun scoping out and shopping with some of the best gender neutral baby brands on the market and I’m putting together this roundup for other mums and dads who love the variety of styles and colours these brands deliver.  Continue Reading…

Best Free Pregnancy Tracker and Parenting Apps

pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a stressful and uncertain time, particularly if you’re a first-time mum or don’t know that many people with children. I for one, turned into a neurotic mess the moment I found out that I was expecting, so finding support was crucial for me. One of my most important sources of support and information has come from the many and varied pregnancy tracker and parenting apps that I’ve downloaded, which give me daily, weekly and monthly info related to where I am in my pregnancy and what to expect in the weeks to come.  Continue Reading…

What No One Tells You About The First Trimester

first trimester - pregnancy - worries - information

So, I’m pregnant. I’m currently nearly 13 weeks and we have just announced our exciting news to the world! I’m ecstatic that I am finally going to get to be a mum, but the last 12+ weeks (or 9 since I found out) have certainly presented me with some interesting findings…not all of them very fun. With that in mind, and to help any other newly pregnant mums out there who might be freaking out right now, here are some of the things I’ve learnt about the first trimester of pregnancy which no one ever felt the need to tell me! Continue Reading…