• Slimming World Christmas Recipes

    16 Slimming World Christmas Recipes

    It’s nearly Christmas and this time of year is all about food, family and fun! It can be a tough time for slimmers because Christmas food is not traditionally very health. That’s why I’ve put together this round up of Slimming World Christmas recipes to make this time of year that bit easier for you. […]

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  • Scott Simplissimo Chef Review - gift - christmas

    Scott Simplissimo Chef Review

    If you’re like me and love a kitchen gadget, but aren’t sure whether to add a Scott Simplissimo Chef to your collection, then here’s everything you need to know! I’ve outlined all of the pros and cons below, giving you my insight into whether it’s worth the investment and whether it’s the right addition to […]

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  • Chunky Winter Vegetable & Rice Soup - slimming world - simplissimo chef - winter - soup - slimming world - syn free

    Chunky Winter Vegetable & Rice Soup

    It’s officially winter which means it’s time for warm nights in with loved ones, Christmas planning and enjoying plenty of hearty, healthy food. This Chunky Winter Vegetable & Rice Soup is thick, packed with nutritious veg and it’s mega filling, almost a cross between a vegetable stew and soup – perfect for keeping you healthy […]

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  • McDonald's Slimming World - syns list - fast food

    McDonald’s Slimming World Syns List

    Ok, so we all do our best to be healthy all the time, but sometimes you want to treat yourself or simply don’t have any other choice, and on those occasions, a bit of fast food can come in handy. That’s why I’m sharing this McDonald’s Slimming World Syns List with you, to help you […]

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  • 1.5 Syn Orange Drizzle Cupcakes - Slimming World - Baking - Taster Evening - Recipe - Low Syn - Cake

    1.5 Syn Orange Drizzle Cupcakes

    Baking on Slimming World can be just as much fun as it is when you’re making super high syn treats, you just need to have the right recipe! These 1.5 Syn Orange Drizzle Cupcakes are my latest Slimming World bake and I’m super pleased with them. They’re perfect for a taster evening or as a […]

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  • Syn Free Peri Peri Chicken Pasta - Slimming World - Dinner - Recipe - Easy

    Syn Free Peri-Peri Chicken Pasta

    Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a big pasta lover and that there is nothing I like more than a pasta dish with a really interesting sauce! This Syn Free Peri-Peri Chicken Pasta is the latest in a long line of big flavour pasta recipes and I’m totally loving it. It was inspired when […]

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  • Nandos Slimming World Syns

    Nando’s Slimming World Syns List

    Going out to eat when you’re trying to be healthy can be tough, but with a little bit of planning and a touch of self-control, it doesn’t have to be a disaster for your diet. If you’re on Slimming World and looking to go out to eat, one of the best things you can look […]

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  • Low Syn Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake - Slimming World - baking - recipe - cake - pudding

    Low Syn Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake

    I recently found myself becoming totally nostalgic for some of my childhood puddings, the ones that my grandma cooked better than anyone else! I was meandering down this happy train of thought when I remembered the pineapple upside down cake she used to make so well, which despite not liking pineapple one bit I used […]

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  • Slimming World Syn Updates


    Following recent updates to the Slimming World plan, including the news that slimmers now need to syn their flavoured yoghurts and instant mash, it was thought that Slimming World HQ might let us rest for a while with the plan as it is. However, it seems that they were simply softening the blow and waiting […]

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  • Slimming World Christmas Recipes

    Best Ever Low Syn Mini Christmas Cakes

    I am all about Christmas baking right now! Specifically, about looking for ways to make classic Christmas recipes more Slimming World friendly without compromising on their taste or quality. Not an easy task that’s for sure, but it’s definitely something I’ve accomplished with these Low Syn Mini Christmas Cakes. They’re a fantastic option for Slimming […]

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