Slimming World Syn Tracker

No matter what stage you are in your Slimming World journey, whether you plan your meals, write down everything you eat, or keep it all in your head, there’s one thing that is essential, and that’s keeping track of how many syns you’ve eaten throughout the day! Without tracking your syns, the plan really doesn’t work. The whole process is designed on the assumption that you’re enjoying up to 15 syns per day, so if you’re having more than that (unless you’re one of the people who has a higher allowance), then it’s quite likely that the plan won’t work as efficiently as it could do if you did!

That’s why I decided to put together a handy little download, for you to stick on the fridge, keep in your desk draw at work, or pop into your handbag when you’re out and about. Just fill in or tick off each a star for each syn you’ve had…simple! Hopefully this will help you stay on track, and ensure that you don’t go over your syns. At the very least, it’ll help you stay in control when you do! One of the things that I find particularly handy, is even when I do go over my syns, I simply cross them off another day and have fewer that day instead. That way it all comes out in the wash, and I can help protect my weight loss properly!

Click to download my simple Slimming World Syn Tracker – Slimming World Syn Tracker



  • michelle

    21/09/2016 at 12:06 pm

    Love the syn tracker do u have one for men?
    1. Cliona

      22/09/2016 at 7:20 am

      Hi Michelle, I don't at the moment but I could create one to add. How high would you prefer the syn allowance to be?

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