Strawberry Cheesecake Soufflé

This is my first attempt at creating my own Slimming World friendly recipe! Each serving has two Syns in because of the Rich Tea Biscuits but other than that is completely free!

Usually I posts pictures, but this time I’ve tried something a bit different (so bear with me on the quality!) but I had fun with it.

Thinking about the recipe in hindsight I would have possibly made this a ‘no bake’ recipe and simply put gelatine in the yoghurt mix and let it set in the fridge so if you’d like to try it like that then let me know how it ends up!

At the very least I hope you enjoy it and I hope that it gives you some inspiration to enjoy tasty treats on your Slimming World diet! Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Ingredients include:

8x Rich tea biscuits(2 Syns per serving)
500ml Fat Free Yoghurt
1x Punnet of Strawberries
10ml Vanilla Extract
3x Gelatine Sheets
4x Eggs

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