Giving In To Temptation (and a 3llb loss!)

As I write this post, I am also enjoying the last bites of my ‘Medium, Italian Base, Farmhouse Pizza’ from Pizza Hut. 

Don’t judge me, because you know as well as I do that some days you just need a pizza and for me, today is just one of those days. Here’s why that’s OK…

Frankly I’ve been feeling pretty crappy this afternoon, it’s a proper comfy jumper and curl up in front of the TV kind of day (hence why I weighed and ran earlier!), and all I could think about when it came to making dinner was eating pizza.

I spent quite a long time debating whether getting pizza was the right thing to do, pre-emptively beating myself up for indulging such a non Slimming World craving, and making myself feel about a thousand times worse than I already was.

Yes I got a medium, and yes it was an ‘Italian’ base (thin and crispy style) so that’s good, and technically that counts as making healthier decisions, but it’s still pizza and I could very easily go further and further down this potentially harmful rabbit hole of self loathing. But who would that be helping? Not me that’s for sure!

Anyway, isn’t the whole point of Slimming World that it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet, and should I really expect myself never to eat pizza again? No! That would be a completely unrealistic expectation, not to mention pretty shite.

Part of my decision to join Slimming World was to help me regain control over my eating, and to repair my unhealthy relationship with food. At this point in my journey, I can happily confirm that I can allow myself a pizza without worrying about spiralling out of control for the rest of the week, but I should equally be able to enjoy ‘naughty’ food without giving in to negative feelings afterwards. Having a healthy relationship with food goes both ways, it is all about balance! Not eating the occasional bit of bad food would take all of that balance away, not to mention that I can account for this little indiscretion by eating fewer syns for the rest of the week if I so choose! That’s the wonder of Slimming World! 

It’s also ‘star week’ (for those non Slimming World-ers out there that’s code for I’m on my period), and to be perfectly honest, I’m a mix of cravings, wanting to cry for no reason and being uncontrollably snappy at just about everyone…what can I say, Pizza helps!   

Having been really good all week, I did in fact lose 3llbs this week, taking my total loss up to 3st 5llbs. Although I’m not one for eating crap to reward myself (any more) or for regularly eating a post weigh in takeaway, I reckon that taking everything in to account it was time for a little treat.

I should be spending this evening feeling proud of myself for a good weigh in, not moping about because I fancy a pizza but won’t let myself get one. So instead, I decided to enjoy my pizza tonight and now I’ve drawn a line under it, ready to face the rest of the week 100% on plan.

In life it’s OK to give in to harmless temptations, we’re only human and being on a diet doesn’t magically change that!


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