Syn Free Slimming World Pizza - One Pot Penne Pizza Bake

Six Syn Free Slimming World Pizza Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows that my one weakness in life is pizza! I just can’t get enough of it, not the most helpful trait when you’re desperately trying to lose weight! This is why, ever since I started Slimming World, I have been on a mission to come up with healthy, syn free Slimming World pizza alternatives. I decided that it was about time I round them up, so here it goes… 

Syn Free HexB Pizza

Firstly, we have one of my most popular recipes (I mean…of course it is, look at it!) which is my famous Syn Free HexB Pizza! This recipe uses wholemeal bread mix as the base for your pizza and it is EPIC! If you’re looking for the real thing, but just don’t want to give into the temptations of ordering Dominos then this is the Slimming World pizza for you! It might take a bit of planning but it is so totally worth it… find the recipe here

Slimming World Pizza - Healthy Extra B Pizza - Syn Free Pizza

Syn Free One Pot Penne Pizza Bake

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza - One Pot Penne Pizza Bake

This is a great option if you’re looking for all of that stodgy pizza enjoyment without the syns! Using penne pasta as the base this is made in one pot which also saves on washing up! As Slimming World Pizza recipes go this couldn’t really get much more simple. You can find the recipe here and watch the video below! 

Easy Peasy 30 Minute Cauliflower Pizza

This is another fantastic choice and it’s possibly the healthiest Slimming World pizza recipe I’ve ever made! With a base made out of cauliflower you might think that this would taste super healthy, but you’d be wrong! I totally forget I was eating cauliflower when I made this which was a big plus. Honestly, give it a go and you might surprise yourself! You can find the recipe here

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza - Cauliflower Pizza Base Recipe

Pizza Style Jacket Potatoes

This was one of my earliest recipes after I joined Slimming World, so you’re going to have to excuse the rather dodgy photography. Terrible pictures aside you get the idea though. This is a jacket potato topped with pizza toppings…perfect for lunches or quick dinner! Find the recipe here

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza - Jacket Potato Potato Pizza

Syn Free Pizza Stuffed Burgers

So this is one of my favourite recipes because I made it using my Stufz Burger Press which is one of the coolest gadgets around! It basically enables you to stuff burgers with anything you want… I mean how amazing is that! On this occasion I fancied all of the pizza flavours I love so I made a Slimming World pizza stuffed burger. It was so tasty and I’ve made it a whole bunch of times since so I really can recommend it! Find the recipe here

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza Recipe - Pizza Stuffed Burger

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza Sauce 

OK, so I know this isn’t strictly speaking a pizza recipe itself but it’s how you make any Slimming World pizza recipe great! Whip up a batch of this, spread it over, in or on whichever pizza you’re making at the time and you’ve got yourself a winner! Find the recipe here

Syn Free Slimming World Pizza Sauce

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