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Celebrating Easter at Iceland Foods

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll know that I am totally obsessed with Iceland Foods and every time I bring you an update about their latest goings on, I swear that they couldn’t surprise me any more than they already have done. Well, it turns out they can! I was lucky enough recently to be invited to attend an exclusive celebration of all things Easter at Iceland, where we were able to sample the latest products and enjoy some incredible recipe demonstrations from their food genius Neil Nugent. 

Feaster - Easter - iceland foods - Healthy - Slimming World

Starting With Fish

On arrival at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we were greeted with a glass of bubbly (available at Iceland and well worth a go!) and after initial greetings, we sat down for our first demonstration, a fried fishcake scotch egg (hang tight for my Slimming World friendly version coming soon!). With a selection of frozen fish from Iceland’s amazing fish range, their mashed potato pellets, eggs and a whole lot of genius Neil whipped up a huge batch of these incredible hybrid starters. Served with an egg-shaped dip of mustard and sour cream, this was the perfect Easter themed dish! Trust me, if you’re looking for a starting point for your Easter meal, you can’t go wrong with some of Iceland’s fish! 


Feaster - Easter - Iceland Foods - Fish Cake Scotch Egg - Healthy - Slimming World

Turkey for Mains!

The Fishcake Scotch Egg was just the start of an epic Easter food adventure which featured Iceland’s stand-out British Turkey Crown, cooked up with a beautiful butternut squash and cranberry mole sauce. I have to admit that I never cook turkey unless it’s Christmas, so this was a dish that surprised me when I saw it on the menu. I was slightly sceptical that turkey would work as an Easter-themed dish, but once again I was blown away! It was such a moist, light, airy dish that would work perfectly on Easter Sunday (or any other time of the year for that matter!) particularly with the addition of an edible egg shell on the top. This bone-in turkey crown is the star of Iceland’s Easter range right now so grab them before they’re gone! 

Feaster - Easter - Iceland Foods - Fish Cake Scotch Egg - Healthy - Slimming World

What’s For Dessert? 

Anyone who read about Christmas at Iceland will know that their Raspberry and Pistachio Pavlova is my favourite ever pudding! I literally got obsessed over the Christmas period and must have bought (and eaten) about eight of them…oops. Well, you can imagine how pleased I was when I discovered that they were back by popular demand for Easter! If you’re yet to try this delightful dessert, trust me you’re missing out. It’s just the right balance of sweet and tart, chewy and crunchy, soft and textured and served with a raspberry sauce it’s even better. If you want to ‘posh it up’ even more for your Easter banquet, try making a vodka and raspberry sauce instead, it’d be amazing! 

Feaster - Easter - iceland foods - Healthy - Slimming World

That’s Not All…

Not only were we showered with interesting and extravagant dishes, we also got to snack to our heart’s content! Neil put on a show when he made his epic Welsh Rarebit Hot Cross Buns and his Bacon Jam Hot Cross Buns with Stilton Crisps. Now, if like me you’ve never even considered having a savoury hot cross bun, even at Easter, then you’re in for a treat. Try making up your cheesy Welsh Rarebit sauce (I’ve found one for you here), with plenty of flavours, and slap it on a hot cross bun and bake it…your mind will be blown!

Feaster - Easter - iceland foods - Healthy - Slimming World

It’s a sweet and savoury explosion of taste, made even better by the fact that Iceland’s hot cross buns are really excellent. Similarly, fry up a bacon jam (like this recipe I’ve found for you) and apply liberally with a crispy fried piece of Stilton, you’ll thank me! I’m very aware that this is not the healthiest option, but as an Easter treat it’s a must try idea. It’ll be the best surprise for your guests before or after dinner and it’ll go great with a nice glass of wine. 

Feaster - Easter - iceland foods - Healthy - Slimming World

On To The Chocolate

Chocolate is, some would say, the most important part of Easter Sunday and boy do Iceland deliver! They do of course sell all of your normal Easter eggs, the ones you can find in any shop, but the stars of their Easter choccy range are without a doubt their three Luxury Easter Eggs. The biggest of their Luxury Eggs is the Smooth Milk Chocolate Egg with Gold Lustre (in the middle below) and it is humongous, then you have their Creamy Milk Chocolate Egg with Chocolate Coated Malt Balls. This egg comes in bronze or gold and once again ticks every box! Both eggs have thick chocolate, loads of flavour, and best of all don’t taste cheap whilst costing £10 and £5 respectively. The big egg also comes with a tub of Iceland’s excellent truffles (either caramel or prosecco). 


Why You Should Celebrate Easter with Iceland Foods

Not only did I have an amazing day celebrating Feaster with Iceland, I was yet again stunned by the sheer quality and variety of products available from this incredible supermarket. What else could you want except food which is as fresh as the moment it was picked/caught, at affordable and competitive prices? If you could see my freezer right now you would know that I more than practice what I preach and I’m as obsessed with Iceland in real life as I am on my blog! If you’re anything like me, cooking a big Easter roast is half of the fun, but it can be a stressful event if you’re cooking for a large family. Having a mix of fresh frozen and fresh ingredients on hand can cut the stress in half and give you more time to spend with the people you love instead of in front of the oven… isn’t that what holidays like this are all about? Just look at that spread….


*this post was written in collaboration with Iceland however, all of the views, experiences and opinions are my own. 



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