My First Day

Today was my first day of food optimising and I’m ‘Syn’ free and feeling great!

To help myself avoid the endless chocolate biscuits in the office, I’ve drunk plenty of water to keep myself filled up and made sure that my meals would fill me up enough to resist temptation.

Here’s a quick look at what I’ve eaten today on the first leg of my Slimming World journey!


Fat Free Plain Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and (1)

This was a great breakfast! Including my Healthy B choice for the day to keep me full up for longer. I didn’t even get hunger pangs until 1pm!

Slimming World Recipe

Lunch in the office was one of my worries when deciding to do this but I made this delicious mix of wholemeal grains, healthy peppers and tasty chicken the night before and enjoyed a filling, and ‘Syn’ free lunch!

Prawns cooked with Garlic and Herbs

These were my mid afternoon snack. I ate them just as I felt myself getting a bit hungry and followed them with a big glass of ice cold water which disappeared my hunger pangs!

Stewed Tomato Chicken Thighs with

I stewed a packet of skinless chicken thighs for about an hour in 200ml water, a table spoon of bouillon (free) fresh cherry tomatoes and oil free tomato puree (free) until the sauce was thick and the chicken was really melt in the mouth! Served with dry roasted new potatoes and carrots and fresh steamed broccoli!

I probably won’t get around to posting every day but I’ll keep posting my meals and hopefully they’ll act as inspiration for you to eat some tasty, healthy things! Do comment below 🙂

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