Get More Vitamin Water Review

Product of the Week: Get More Vitamin Drinks

I love a good flavoured water and recently I was lucky enough to discover Get More Vitamin Drinks! Get More is a fantastic brand which really does what it says on the tin! Get More Vitamin Drinks is a range of flavoured vitamin waters which are sugar free, low in calories and high in vitamins…a great combination! More importantly though for those of us on Slimming World, they are totally syn free according to the Slimming World app!

So that means that you can boost your vitamin intake with any of their range and it won’t effect your syn allowance in the process. As a general rule us Slimming World-ers are always on the look out for new products to grab off the shelves and this might just be the next big craze! What’s more, for all the parents out there, because they’re sugar free they’re perfect to have in the fridge for when your kids want something sweet. It’s a much better alternative to fizzy drinks, both for children and adults, so it’s really a no brainier!

The Get More Vitamin Drinks Range 

The range includes Get More Multivitamins to help keep the body healthy, Get More Vitamin A to support healthy skin and vision, Get More B Vitamins to help the body release energy, Get More Vitamin C to support the immune system, Get More Vitamin D to support healthy bones and Get More Minerals to provide essential nutrients.  I’ve tried them all and I can recommend them wholeheartedly! What’s more, because there are both still and sparking options in the range you can switch it up depending on whether you’re having fizzy drink cravings or just want something sweet and smooth! 

Get More Vitamin Water Review

How To Enjoy Them

My top tip would be to give these a go in the summer particularly because they make great ice lollies! They’re really sweet so perfect for freezing and enjoying as a syn free summer snack…I know that feels like a long way off now but it’ll get here I promise! In the meantime though, make sure you stock up your fridge to give yourself a boost day to day, something which is even more important during the winter months! 

 ‘Get More’ is priced from £1.45 at Tesco, Asda, WH Smith, Ocado, Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Visit for more information.

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