Nine Types of Eater in Every Office

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment you’ll know that there are a few kinds of foodies you’ll always come across! I’ve been most of these at one point or another, how about you?

The Healthy Eater

I’ve tried so hard to be the ‘Healthy Eater’, but sometimes you just can’t beat a massive jacket potato dripping with melted cheese and comforting baked beans. But for those who can eat rye bread and celery for lunch every day and then not give into the tempting call of the biscuit tin, I truly salute and envy you!


The Perfect Plater

Much like the ‘Healthy Eat’er, I am really jealous of the ‘Perfect Plater’! Their lunch is full of interesting colours and their salad, avocado, peppers and tomatoes are arranged delicately like a pretty peacock making dull, scratched office china sparkle, and causing envy amongst their colleagues as they stare dissolutely into their bleak Sainsbury’s tomato pasta…


The Tupperware Hoarder

They diligently bring in their lunch, breakfast and snacks each day, separated into smart air tight boxes which fit neatly in the fridge. Come the end of the day however they’re either too busy or too forgetful to remember to take them home again. The Tupperware Hoarder repeats this day after day, until a gently accusing email reminds them that the teetering stack of boxes in the kitchen will unfortunately not take itself home…sorry guys!


The Big Spender

You know if this is you due to the noticeable lack of funds in your bank account at the end of the month.  ‘The Big Spender’ looks back at their bank account at the end of each month completely clueless as to where their money has gone. At closer inspection however their debit card charges go something like this… Pret A Manger – £4.50; Itsu – £5.85; Starbucks – £3.20; Pret A Manger £4.95; Costa – £6.80…


The Perpetual Dieter

Unsurprisingly this is a stereotype that I routinely fulfill. I’ve been on an unsuccessful diet since about as far back as I remember (until recently but this post’s not about that). ‘The Perpetual Dieter’ is forever putting their hand up to say no to the offer of office biscuits only to sneak a few 20 minutes later!


The Breakfast for Luncher

This is one type of eater that I have never been. As far as I’m concerned breakfast is breakfast and lunch is lunch but the ‘Breakfast for Luncher’ will casually chow down on a bowl of Crunchy Nut at 1:30pm like it’s not even weird.


The Forever Feeder

Often taking the roll of the resident parent, ‘The Office Feeder’ is always equipped with mini Mars Bars, bags of cookies or special treats when it comes to 11am or 3pm. You don’t have to look far if you’re hungry, as ‘The Office Feeder’ will be close at hand with a welcome snack to quiet those rumbles in your stomach. I love (and have often been) the office feeder, and truly believe that no working environment would be truly happy without one.


The Skinny Snacker

We are all jealous of this particular person, and if you’re not then it probably means you are one! ‘The Skinny Snacker’ can seemingly open bag after bag of Hula Hoops or Haribos and snap open can after can of full fat Coke without ever needing to worry about their weight. Does this person spend hours in the gym? Not that the rest of us can tell, as they cheerily update us on a Thursday morning about the hours spent watching telly the night before with a curry, bag of Malteasers and bottle of wine.  However as much as we want to, we can’t hold it against them as it’s natural for them and some people are just lucky like that…as unfair as that may be!


The Office Baker

Hello, my name is Cliona and I’m ‘The Office Baker’. I always have been and always will be. This person (me) gets no end of satisfaction from spending hours after work baking cupcakes and cookies to take into the office, and gets physically excited at the prospect of the next office birthday…and I promise it’s not just because we get to lick the bowl when we bake 😉


So which type of office foodie are you? Let me know in the comments below!



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