Low Syn Creamy Chicken Soup - Slimming World - Meal Prep

Low Syn Cream of Chicken Soup (Slimming World)

I’m getting really in to soup at the moment, it’s great for winter and you can make so many delicious low syn varieties for Slimming World! It’s also great for meal prepping as you’re assured to have days worth of healthy lunches in the freezer to take to work! My other half is also getting very into soup, after all it gets cold on building sites at this time of year and it’s always nice to have a warm lunch to take away that chill, proving that soup isn’t just great for slimmers! One of his favourite soups is that Cream of Chicken Soup that Heinz make, but a can of that will set you back 10 syns and and I really try not to have high syn food in the house, and I’m always looking out for his health too, so it was down to me to work out how to make a suitable, low syn equivalent…and that’s how I came up with this! 

 Low Syn Creamy Chicken Soup - Slimming World - Meal Prep

As you can see I managed to create a thick, creamy chicken soup, and the wonderful thing is that it’s just 0.75 syns per serving! Amazing right?!? That’s almost a tenth of the higher syn Heinz version and you get 8 portions from this recipe! Not only does that make it a very healthy, and incredibly Slimming World friendly recipe, but it also means it’s super cheap to make which is great if you’re trying to save some money like I am! It’s a win win on all sides, especially as it’s seriously tasty too. 

Low Syn Creamy Chicken Soup - Slimming World - Meal Prep

You can see from the video that that this isn’t a complicated recipe and doesn’t require any difficult ingredients! Just chicken, onions, stock, sweetcorn, herbs and some flour and milk. The creaminess of the recipe comes from three parts, the milk, flour and surprisingly enough from the sweetcorn! Sweetcorn, when blended, gives you a really creamy texture…something to remember when you’re coming up with recipes in the future! Other than the ingredients you just need a large saucepan and some way of blending the soup. I use a hand blender (like these ones) as it’s the simplest way, but if you don’t have one you can use a food processor and blend it in batches too. 

Low Syn Creamy Chicken Soup - Slimming World - Meal Prep

I love this soup, and I hope you love it too! It’s serving as lunch for the next five days for both me and my other half so my freezer is stacked full of zip locked bags! If you enjoy this you’ll more than likely love my Syn Free Slimming Vegetable Soup too, so give that a go and fill your freezer up with healthy, low syn and filling options to keep you on plan! 

 Low Syn Creamy Chicken Soup - Slimming World - Meal Prep

Low Syn Cream of Chicken Soup

A delicious, low syn (0.75 per serving) cream of chicken soup!

1 hr, 30 Total Time

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  • 6-8 Chicken Thighs (skin removed)
  • 2 Pints Chicken Stock
  • 1x Large Tin of Sweetcorn
  • 2x Onions (diced)
  • 1tsp Garlic
  • 1tbsp Mixed Herbs
  • Fry Light
  • 2tbsp Plain Flour
  • 100mls Skimmed Milk
  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)


  1. Spray a large saucepan with Fry Light and add the onions and garlic. Stir until softened.
  2. Add the chicken thighs and brown on both sides. Pour in the stock.
  3. Cover and leave to simmer for about 40 minutes or until the meat is beginning to fall off the bone.
  4. Remove the chicken thighs from the stock and take out the bones. Slice the meat and add back into the soup, then add the sweetcorn. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Blend until smooth & season.
  5. Mix the flour with a couple of ladles of soup and then with the milk. Pour the mixture into the soup and stir. Blend again to make it totally smooth.
  6. Simmer to thicken for a few more minutes and then serve, or leave to cool and transfer into zip lock bags for the freezer!


Flour = 4 syns Milk = 2 syns 0.75 syns per serving when split between 8. Syn values correct at time of writing, please don't screenshot the recipe as these may change and you may end up accidentally sharing the wrong information.



3908 cal


207 g


307 g


204 g
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  • Julie holmes

    09/01/2017 at 12:54 pm

    Might add a bit of pasta to this it looks scrummy xx
    1. Cliona

      09/01/2017 at 12:58 pm

      That would be absolutely delicious! Great idea :) Thank you! x
  • Gina

    09/01/2017 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks, Cliona - looks great! I slow-cooked a whole chicken yesterday and was going to make a curry with it this evening. Now I think I'll make this soup instead. I wasn't really 'FEELING' curry today!!! Quick question based on Julie's comment about adding pasta: do you think you could cook a little pasta with the chicken (when cooking from raw) and stock, and use instead of the flour to thicken? I think this would also cut out the syns from the flour.
  • Lillian denmark

    12/01/2017 at 1:40 pm

    I used skin less and boneless chicken thighs, missed out the flour and added chopped carrots ...yummy......it's snowing here in Scotland and this was amazing, warm and filling.
    1. Cliona

      12/01/2017 at 4:53 pm

      Thank you for your lovely comment! I love that you loved it ✨
  • Jade Ledbury

    29/08/2017 at 5:04 pm

    Hi, would this be ok to freeze? I'm the only one who does slimming world in this house! Lol xx
    1. Cliona

      30/08/2017 at 3:03 pm

      Yes absolutely fine to freeze! :)
  • Carole Jones

    17/09/2018 at 9:20 pm

    Hi. Sounds lovely so will be making soon. If you freeze it do you have to defrost before reheating?
    1. Cliona

      19/09/2018 at 4:26 pm

      I personally would defrost but I don't think it's essential. It's really personal choice I think! Enjoy!

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