• best gender neutral baby brands - unisex baby clothes - gender neutral - baby

    Best Gender Neutral Baby Brands To Shop With

     My little boy is due in February 2019 but I’ve known for a long time that my preference in baby clothes is very much skewed towards the gender neutral and whether I had been expecting a little girl or my little boy, I would have still done a fair amount of shopping with brands that […]

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  • Syn Free - Creamy - Cheese and Bacon Pasta - slimming world - recipe

    Syn Free Creamy Cheese and Bacon Pasta

    Sometimes you just need a cheesy carb fix, right?!? I know I do anyway…particularly since I started growing a little human inside me. Sometimes only carbs will do, and whilst 90% of the time I spend my time focusing on healthy carbs, a cheesy bowl of pasta really can’t be beaten when it’s cold outside. […]

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  • slimming world syn update - muller lights - free food - food optimising

    Slimming World SYN UPDATES (September 2018)

    The last few days have been somewhat turbulent for those following Slimming World, with the news that Slimming World has released a number of new updates affecting syn values. Whether you agree with their decisions or believe like many that there may be an ulterior motive behind some of them, it’s still important to update […]

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  • 15 Healthy Soup Recipes To Get You Through The Winter

    It’s an unpopular opinion I know, but I LOVE cooler weather and the winter months. To me they bring snuggly clothes, hot food, Halloween and most importantly, Christmas! One of my favourite things about winter though is that people no longer look at you funny for eating soup. Personally, I don’t think soup should be […]

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  • pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

    Best Free Pregnancy Tracker and Parenting Apps

    Pregnancy can be a stressful and uncertain time, particularly if you’re a first-time mum or don’t know that many people with children. I for one, turned into a neurotic mess the moment I found out that I was expecting, so finding support was crucial for me. One of my most important sources of support and […]

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  • first trimester - pregnancy - worries - information

    What No One Tells You About The First Trimester

    So, I’m pregnant. I’m currently nearly 13 weeks and we have just announced our exciting news to the world! I’m ecstatic that I am finally going to get to be a mum, but the last 12+ weeks (or 9 since I found out) have certainly presented me with some interesting findings…not all of them very […]

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  • Easy Peasy Chicken Caprese Salad

    This recipe for Chicken Caprese Salad is a new favourite of mine because it is seriously packed full of flavour and I can’t stand a bland salad. The basil, garlic, lemon and oil (or apple cider vinegar if you’re making the syn free version) all come together to really bring out the flavours in the […]

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  • Low Syn Chicken Curry - Slimming World - Healthy - Curry Recipe

    Best Ever Low Syn Chicken Curry

    When I was growing up, takeaway curries were a big family favourite. We’d order about a tonne of food and all dig in and share together. However, as I got older I found that takeaway curries really started to feel heavy and almost exhausting to eat. I still enjoyed one on occasion, but they most […]

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  • Healthy Fishcake Scotch Egg - Slimming World Friendly - Iceland Foods - Syn Free - Healthy Extra B - Fish

    Healthy Fishcake Scotch Egg

    I love a good hybrid dish – pizza bagels, cronuts etc… – and so when I was introduced to Fishcake Scotch Eggs at a recent Iceland event I attended I was blown away! Their deep fat fried ball of yumminess was a taste sensation, so I decided to put together my own healthy fishcake scotch […]

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  • Feaster - Easter - Iceland Foods - Fish Cake Scotch Egg - Healthy - Slimming World

    Celebrating Easter at Iceland Foods

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll know that I am totally obsessed with Iceland Foods and every time I bring you an update about their latest goings on, I swear that they couldn’t surprise me any more than they already have done. Well, it turns out they can! I was lucky […]

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