Nine Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Cooks

We are amazing, talented, great conversation, educated, innovative and dedicated just like all the other amazing women out there but there are a few things you should know before you dive straight in. So here’s a little list of the things you can expect. Sugar and spice and all things nice doesn’t begin to cover it…

  1. You will eat well! And by ‘well’ I mean a lot, not healthily. (You might get fat)  8230664633_3ddd653cb7
  2. We will cook for you, but we won’t share. Seriously don’t even try, it’s not worth the fight.         Bs6rJIwCAAAgBCF
  3. We will micromanage you in the kitchen. We love it if you cook for us, we really do but don’t be surprised when we try to take over.  00-kitchen-lessons
  4. But god help you if you try and help us. Stick to carefully given instructions if we do ask for your help when cooking… for all our sakes!  download
  5. Sometimes food will come first. Well often food will come first but then you have our full attention. Well some of our attention anyway, as long as there’s no food in the room.         65950ea3e48336b7c7388b6ed9103f2c
  6. Food isn’t a million miles away from sex. Food porn is not just a phrase… (3)
  7. When you’re not with us be prepared to receive endless pictures of food whether we’ve cooked it or not.  hipster-meme
  8. We can love to cook and be feminists at the same time. Just because I enjoy making food doesn’t make me some sort of 1950s housewife…seriously I’m a terrible cleaner.  08094e993f89c2824385410bdf35add6
  9. Sometimes we do want a night off though, feel free to shut us out of the kitchen and wow us with your culinary skills (even if it’s just beans on toast).  download (2)

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