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I love entertaining, and whether it’s just a couple of friends or a big group of people I’ll always put on a spread! With that in mind, here’s my recipe for delicious, spicy, fresh tomato salsa!

For my Slimming World readers out there, this is completely free, uses no oil and makes a great snack if you’re getting hungry…simply chop some carrot or cucumber sticks, dip and enjoy! Read on for my video…!


12 x fresh tomatoes (6 for the sauce and 6 for the fresh salsa)
1/2 large onion
Handful of fresh coriander
3x medium spiced chillies
1x Fresh Lime
Pinch of salt


Chop 6 tomatoes into quarter and simmer over a low heat.

Meanwhile, chop all the other ingredients finely and mix together with the lime juice.

Blend the cooked tomato sauce and then add to the mix and serve with a sprig of coriander!

Here’s my video about How To Make Tomato Salsa! Let me know how you get on 🙂

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