245 Days

Just a very quick pre-weigh in post today, because I know that what I see on the scales won’t be a happy sight tonight. I got away with a pound off last week…something tells me I won’t be so lucky again! That will be what it will be, and there’s not much I can do about it now…I could have not eaten a burger and chips on Saturday night, and I could probably have refrained from going over my syns on Friday too…but hey ho! 

I’ve noticed a pattern over the past few weeks, where I have a great week and then a pretty off plan weekend. It’s something that lots of people talk about in group, and online, and it’s no secret that the weekend can be a struggle for anyone losing weight. What’s more, with Easter in a few days, four days away with my family in the Lake District surrounded by food and chocolate, and missing next week’s weigh in, I can’t imagine I’m going to have the nicest surprise when I weigh in the week after! 

So what can I do? I could be a total bore and have no fun in the Lake District, I could go completely off track and put on a stone in two weeks, or I could try my best to find somewhere in the middle. It might be that I’ve just got to accept the next week and a half as a write off in terms of being on plan, but there’s no reason that that means I have to balloon back to being the size of a house in that time is there? It is possible to not put on vast amounts of weight without following the Slimming World plan religiously…but only if I don’t fall back into old habits! We’ll see how it goes, and I’m not going to make myself any promises…except that I will NOT just give up. I can make healthy decisions where possible, I can go on plenty of walks in the Lake District, I can put down the chocolate (eventually anyway!), I can do it if I just make a bit of an effort. 

I can also remember how far I’ve come, because recently it’s started to feel like a long slog, and remind myself of how unhappy I was when I started. I have now been doing Slimming World for 245 days (8 months(, and tonight will be my 32nd weigh in. That’s 245 days of being a more positive person, of being in control and of being confident that I will never lose that control again. I have lost 3stone 4llbs (give or take whatever happens tonight!) which is the weight of the average 3 year old child, and I’ve dropped two dress sizes (3 in some tops!). I look like a different person to when I started this journey, and I will categorically NEVER be like that again. 

Whatever happens tonight I’m just going to have to pick myself up, dust myself off (again) and do my best the week after…and if that doesn’t work then I’ll do it all over again the next week, because for me Slimming World is it from now on. This plan is what will keep me healthy and happy in the future, and that is motivation enough. It’s not going to be easy, but if you struggle with your weight like I do then hard is just something you’ve got to come to terms with…the fact of the matter is that I will never be able to eat what I like with no consequences, it will always be a bit more work. What’s important is that I don’t give up, even when the motivation isn’t there…I need to be my own motivation! 


Size 18 down to a size 14 in 8 months!

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