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Syn Free Porridge with Fresh Berries

Porridge is a staple winter breakfast! Using your Healthy Extra B, and the sensational Sukrin Gold (my favourite ever Sweetener) you can enjoy it day in day out this winter, without worrying one little bit. This recipe was originally syn free however Slimming World’s new rules mean that sweetener is synned at half a syn per tablespoon which makes this one syn per portion.

Top with delicious fresh fruit, or even syn some chocolate to melt into it when you’re feeling a little bit more naughty, and let the delicious flavours warm you up from the inside out on cold winter mornings! 

Syn - Free - Porridge - Slimming - World - Easy - Breakfast - Recipe - Recipes - Sukrin


You can, I’m sure, make this recipe using regular sweetener, however, I would seriously recommend picking up some Sukrin Gold when you get a chance! Sukrin makes a range of all natural sweeteners, which are made through a natural fermentation process. Sukrin Gold is the brown sugar sweetener, and it tastes, looks and feels exactly the same as regular brown sugar (honestly it smells amazing!!!).

Not only that, but it can be used in exactly the same quantities as regular sugar, unlike most out there where you need an entire pot to make a difference in a recipe at all! You can pick Sukrin Gold up from stores like Holland & Barrett, but I get mine on Amazon here, and you can also buy from the Sukrin website. I won’t make porridge any other way, but you can try it with regular granulated sweetener if you prefer. If you do so, you need to adjust the quantities so just add to your tastes.

If you needed any more encouragement to try out Sukrin Gold, instead of your regular sweetener then this should make all of the difference. Just look at the difference in calories and GI! Slimming World rules now state that you need to syn sweetener which makes this recipe one syn.


Syn - Free - Porridge - Slimming - World - Easy - Breakfast - Recipe - Recipes - Sukrin

Porridge is quite a special breakfast for me because it brings back wonderful memories of being in our little house in Ireland where my mum made porridge most breakfasts. Topped with brown sugar and raisins usually, it started most days, which were then spent running around or cycling through the heather. Special memories, which make porridge an even more comforting breakfast for me!

Syn - Free - Porridge - Slimming - World - Easy - Breakfast - Recipe - Recipes - Sukrin

You probably don’t have quite the same emotional attachment to porridge as I do, but it’s a breakfast we should all be eating. High in fibre, filling, warm and delicious it’s the ideal start to the day during winter! 

Syn - Free - Porridge - Slimming - World - Easy - Breakfast - Recipe - Recipes - Sukrin  Syn - Free - Porridge - Slimming - World - Easy - Breakfast - Recipe - Recipes - Sukrin  

Syn Free Porridge with Fresh Berries

This fresh berry porridge is the healthy, Slimming World friendly way to start your day!

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  • 35g Porridge Oats (HexB)
  • 200mls Water
  • 2tbsp Sukrin Gold (plus extra for dusting)
  • Fresh Fruit (I chose blueberries & strawberries)


  1. On a medium heat, add the porridge oats and water to a saucepan, along with the Sukrin Gold.
  2. Allow to simmer until the water is absorbed and the oats are hot, stirring regularly.
  3. Remove from the heat, cover and let sit for 2 minutes.
  4. Serve with the fresh fruit and a sprinkle more Sukrin Gold


1 syn on Slimming World plus your Healthy Extra B.



195 cal


3 g


24 g


4 g
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*I was sent some of the products in this post to review, however all views and opinions are my own and I would NEVER recommend anything that I didn’t 100% believe in!


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