13 things that happen when you love food

So food is kind of my thing, in case you hadn’t noticed. Some other people are good at fashion, some people are good at maths, some people are really really good at naming every one of the Kardashians…but food is what i’m good at.

There are however some occupational hazards of being completely, 100% obsessed with food… not least that everything else can seem a bit boring next to the never ending supply of delicious things to make and eat!

Basically in summary…

Food =

giphy 3

Other things =

giphy 1

Aside from the simple fact that food is awesome and always will be, there are some fundamental things that happen when you constantly think about food. These include…

1. There is always too much choice when eating out. Thank you waiter for this wonderful menu, please hang on 45 minutes while I try and decide what to eat.

giphy 2

2. Talking of restaurants, it’s hard to eat with people who don’t love food as much as you. Them: “Umm, there’s nothing I really fancy on this hugely extensive menu” Me: “…..” *slowly dies inside*

giphy 4

3. You will do almost anything for food…anything….from helping your friend move house to helping them move the body…

giphy 6

4. When people ask that question ‘what would you rather give up sex or chocolate?’ you have to think really hard about the answer… which may depend on how hungry you are :/

giphy 7

5. The rule ‘never shop on an empty stomach’ doesn’t even begin to cover it for you. Any form of food shopping establishment is a dangerous place for your wallet…

giphy 8

6. …and your waistline! Weight gain is often a unhappy side effect of food loving…obviously I know you can be skinny and love food but personally I do not have this luxury! *cries quietly in corner*

giphy 9

7. Dinner parties are a dream come true! You get to shop, create, cook and serve food to your nearest and dearest and then bathe in the glow of satisfied appreciation. This however is obviously not the reason we do this though…promise.

giphy 11

8. You always have something to talk about in an awkward situation. Whether it’s asking a new work colleague what they’re going to have for dinner or discussing that exciting new restaurant in town with a date… food is a universal language!

giphy 12

9. You get confused when people look at you strangely for for crying when your local farm shop isn’t able to source the specific kind of cheese you need for that sauce you just have to have with your home made Gnocchi! The struggle is real guys…

giphy 13

10. Christmas is epic. Nuff said 😉

giphy 14

11. That said, so is Easter, your birthday, anyone else’s birthday, weddings, and really any other form of celebration which involves any kind of free food.

giphy 15

12. You don’t really understand the term ‘light lunch’…the concept of portion control is a bit alien unless you’re in a restaurant which charges £250 per gram in which case it’s pretty legit.

giphy 18

13. But more than anything else, you live in the knowledge that you get a bit more satisfaction out of life because of your special relationship with food….

giphy 19

… thank you food 🙂  

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