7 Things That Aren’t As Important As You

I don’t know about you, but my life often seems to be made up of a string of decisions about what to prioritise every day. Some things are obviously more important than others, but there are very few that are more important than you. Your well being, both physical and mental, should be top of the list…here are a few things which in my opinion definitely fall below you in the pecking order of priorities… 

  1. Other people’s opinions of you – so not worth wasting time on! Ignore them, tell them to go f**k themselves, whatever you do don’t let it effect your own opinion of yourself because once that happens, you’ll go straight into self destruct mode!
  2. McDonalds…or any junk food to be honest. No matter how good it tastes, pigging out on unhealthy food is not worth the consequences…
  3. Work! Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the opinion that everyone who is physically able to work should do everything in their power to do so (I count being a mum as work by the way!), what I mean is that it is not worth risking your own mental health in a job that makes you miserable…trust me I’ve been there and it pays to be happy!
  4. Depriving yourself – OK so I know what I said a second ago about junk food, but that was more about eating excessive amounts of junk food! If you fancy a Big Mac once in a while, or a trip down the chippy every so often then go for it! A healthy lifestyle should be for life and shouldn’t be about being negative… anyone who wants to tell me that I can never have a Chinese again can shove it! 
  5. Your dress size! Being a healthy, happy weight is important and completely necessary for your future well being, and everyone should have goals, but starving yourself to become a size that your body might not be able to be isn’t healthy! Focus on the way you feel, not what the tags on your clothes say!
  6. That next drink…I know this is a controversial one, and I am not for one second suggesting that you should give up alcohol! I am not one of those ‘my body is my temple’ fanatics who lives exclusively on green tea and berries, but it is possible to have fun without binge drinking, and your body will thank you for it down the line! Don’t believe me? Have a read of this!
  7. The future…obviously the whole point of looking after yourself is to have the best future you can so in that respect it’s very important to think about. However, it is not worth anxiety, depression, broken relationships or leaving your friends behind to attain a future that you think you want right now. What I’ve recently realised is that without a positive attitude and lots of support we don’t get anywhere in life! By all means be focused and driven and do the best you possibly can, I remind myself of my goals every day and it’s what keeps me going, but don’t hurt others to get what you want, and please don’t obsess and worry about things like when to have a baby, get married or buy a house…those things will come in time! 

What I’m trying to say, is that you should be your priority at all times, if something is making your life worse then change it! If you’re overweight and can’t stop binge eating, that’s not a long term plan, so join Slimming World or one of the other countless groups out there. If you drink excessively on a regular basis and you know it’s harming you, remember that your body is worth more than a few shots…and if the stresses and pressures of life are genuinely too much to handle then something’s got to give and that shouldn’t be you!

Look after yourself and the rest will come, that I can promise with all of my heart!

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