Falling In To A Weight Loss Rut

It’s my weigh in later, and to say that I’m dreading it would be putting it lightly! The actual weighing in part anyway, as for the rest of the night, that’s the part I’m looking forward to! 

I haven’t stayed to group now for two weeks, and it has well and truly thrown me off balance. I am a big believer that staying for the whole Image Therapy session is the best way to have continuous and long term weight loss…the proof is sat right there next to you! When you’re sat in a room with a group of inspirational women and men, no matter where they are on their weight loss journey, it’s hard not to be spurred on by all of the positivity and success!

It’s very rare, for that exact reason, that I don’t stay to group…but with one week where I was ill and another where I had plans, that’s exactly what’s happened! Since I’ve not been staying to group I have had one loss, and one gain, but putting that aside what’s more important is that I’ve lost some of my motivation. I feel deflated, and I really think that it’s because I’ve not had that positive boost from Image Therapy! 

That being said, I had a a very on plan week last week, with Monday to Friday as a completely model citizen! Then I was away for the weekend, and as per my plan of attack, I had all but one meal on plan too! That meal shouldn’t be enough to make me have a massive gain this week…but somehow I think it might be! I feel bloated, and I know my body well enough to know that I’m not in for a treat on the scales tonight. If I do have a gain, even though I’m kind of expecting it, I’ll be really disappointed because I don’t think I deserve one…but I feel like my body is just in a bit of a rut when it comes to weight loss. 

Looking back at the last month, I’ve only actually lost a grand total of 2llbs, despite three weeks of losses as I had a gain last week, and if I gain again tonight that number is only going to get smaller. It’s not a good feeling, sorry for being a bit of a ‘Debbie Downer’, but for the first time in this journey I’m actually feeling frustrated! 

Frustrated that my weight loss has slowed down…frustrated that I had such a bad week two weeks ago and put on two pounds…frustrated that my willpower has gone away…and more than anything frustrated that there’s nothing I can do about whatever those scales show tonight! Not weighing in isn’t an option, I’ve got to turn up and I will absolutely be staying to group…because even though there’s nothing to be done about tonight’s results, I can do my best to fix next week. Hopefully any way! 

On a more positive note, I did have a great non-scales victory this weekend, as one of my main motivations when I joined Slimming World was to look good at the Country2Country Festival that I went to this weekend…and for that at least I felt good! Having lost two dress sizes, I was so much more confident than I had been before and I was able to wear the clothes that I wanted to! That’s something at least, and I’ll try to hold on to that when I step on those scales at 7pm! 

My outfit on day one of Country2Country made me feel great!

My outfit on day one of Country2Country made me feel great!

Day two's outfit was another success...I've been wanting to fit into these jeans forever!

Day two’s outfit was another success…I’ve been wanting to fit into these jeans forever!


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