Staying ‘On Plan’ At The Pub

Before you scoff and laugh me off the internet, I promise that it is possible!

There are three ways to stay on plan when you go out with friends for a few drinks…

Stick to soft drinks…

Ok so maybe that one’s unrealistic on a regular basis! On a more serious note…

Save your syns!

Flexi-syns are a brilliant idea and it’s so simple. With just a little bit of forward planning, you can reduce the number of syns you have during the week and save them for your night on the town.

So if you really want a bottle of wine (who doesn’t!) when you’re out with the girls (or guys) then you’ll need 24 syns to do so…say you’re going out on the Saturday, then divide 24 by the 6 days from Monday to Saturday and that just means saving 4 syns a day! I’m not saying you’ll have the best weight loss that week as you’d completely max out your syns, and wine is terrible for bloating, but you’d still be within your quota for the week*. Personally I don’t think that having 11 syns a day spells the end of the world, so all it takes is a little self control!

*on a side note…this does not also include a kebab and cheesy chips!

Find a low syn alternative!

This is the method I’ve been employing recently, and it’s pretty handy. I’ve always been a gin drinker, but I’m a complete heretic as I’ve always drunk it with lemonade! Now, and trust me on this, if you walk into a bar and ask if they have diet lemonade in the fridge they’re going to laugh at you. So one day when I was out, I bit the bullet and requested my gin (3 syns) with soda instead, and an entire fresh lime! The less that drink could taste like soda the better, but to my surprise with all of the lime and lots of ice, it was actually nice! What’s more, is it’s cheap because I chose soda purely because I’m not rich enough to fork out for expensive Diet Tonic. Ever since then I’ve been ordering gin and soda like it’s going out of fashion, and I’ve probably drunk Oxford out of lime, but if you save your syns all day before you go to the pub you can have FIVE gins!!! That’s enough to get me merry, so it’s a win in my books…obviously you don’t have to drink gin but there’s plenty of choice out there!

So there you have it, three solid strategies for conquering the pub on your Slimming World plan.

I know it’s not the same as downing pint after pint of beer (yuck!) but hopefully it’ll equip you enough to head out with friends without falling off plan too much. All it takes is forward planning, a tiny bit of self control…and a lot of fresh lime!

My gin and soda on a night at the pub...with A LOT of fresh lime!

My gin and soda on a night at the pub…with A LOT of fresh lime!

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