Slimming World Kitchen Essentials

I’ve always cooked, but a common theme amongst many Slimming World-ers is that this lifestyle change means they cook a lot more than they used to! So for any newbies out there, or simply for anyone else out there who loves to cook as much as I do, here are my absolute essentials in the kitchen! 

Food Prep Containers

Honestly meal prep is a dream, I’m not organised enough to do it all the time (watch this space because I’m really trying!) but just an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon could save you hours during the week, and leave you plenty of time to relax after work, or after the kids go to bed! There are loads of them on Amazon for really cheap, so pick some up and batch cook your favourite recipes to simply defrost as the week goes by. (find loads here)


A Decent Non Stick Frying Pan 

These honestly are a total must, especially when you’re on a diet which limits olive oil! Fry Light is all well and good (trust me I love it) but a good non stick frying pan will not only save you washing up, it will save you money in the long run. ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ as they say! You can however pick up some fantastic frying pans for really cheap nowadays, so perhaps that saying isn’t quite right! (pick one up here)


A Recipe Book Stand

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time flicking through magazines and cook books to find yourself delicious Slimming World recipes to try (when you’re not reading my blog obviously!) so having a recipe book stand to hold these when you’re cooking saves time and spills…trust me on that one! (there are loads to pick from, so have a look at these


Stay Fresh Bags 

These are mega handy when you’re on a diet that involves eating as much fruit and veg as Slimming World does! I can’t tell you how often I buy yummy fresh veg and it goes a bit brown and sad looking within a couple of days…and to my shame I’m terrible at eating veg that looks like it’s on the verge of going off. These bags are a lifesaver, and when you can pick them up for as little as £1.13 for 12 you can’t really go wrong! (find them here


A Multi Cooker 

You can’t even imagine how excited I was when I got one of these for Christmas! My one literally seems to do just about everything, from frying to slow cooking, pressure cooking and even pasteurising milk (?!?) which makes it completely indispensable in the kitchen. The one I have is the Instant Pot Duo which you can find here, but if you can’t shell out on a fancy pants one, you can pick up slow cookers and pressure cookers really cheap! (find some here)



I have so many more essential items which I could choose from, and I’m sure I’ll report back on them soon, but in the meantime happy shopping and let me know your ‘can’t live withouts’ in the comments! 


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