13 Thoughts of Supermarket Shopping

I have a very strange love of supermarkets, but at the same time I hate supermarket shopping. So here is a list of all the things that go through my mind when shopping for baking stuff…or any stuff really…but usually baking stuff…

1. List…writing a list…


2.  To the shops! *cue superhero voice*

giphy (1)

3. I have a weird love of supermarket shopping, it just makes me want burst with excitement… in a totally adult and sensible way of course…

giphy (2)

4. Of course it’s’ a Tesco express so there are key ingredients missing. Big Sainsbury’s it is then!

giphy (3)

5. So much stuff!

giphy (4)

6. I’m kind of over this now.

giphy (7)

7. Oh my god look at the queue…

giphy (9)

8. But I’m so tired already 🙁

giphy (10)

9. Someone just tried to cut in front of me…I think not sweetheart!

giphy (8)

10. Why am I so poor but spending so much money…why does this stuff cost so much money…just why?

giphy (11)

11. Please just please… get me out of here!

giphy (12)

12. I’m home…but now I have to unpack.

giphy (6)

13. I may have spent all of my monies but at least I won’t starve…silver linings and all that!

giphy (5)

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