A Gain, A Grumble, and a Plan of Attack!

Very quick update, as there’s not really much to say after the disaster that was last week…I have already admitted exactly where and why I went wrong this week, and as suspected it lead to a pretty crappy gain! 2llbs to be exact…which in fairness is actually a whole pound less than I thought it would be! I’m frustrated, annoyed and disappointed with myself. I’m back to where I was two weeks ago, and it was completely avoidable…but it’s in the past, I can’t change it and I’m not going to waste energy beating myself up!  

So instead of dwelling on last week’s failures, I want to take a moment to set out my plan of action for this week instead. In an ideal world, the week after a gain would have absolutely no temptations in it at all, but unfortunately that’s not the case as I’m off to London at the weekend…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited…me and my other half are headed off to watch two days of Country Music at the O2 Arena and it’s going to be epic! I am oh so painfully aware though that it provides me with some very off plan obstacles in terms of food.

But, like the good Slimming World student I am, instead of writing it off and accepting another gain, I sat down at the start of the week,  and set out my plan of attack. 

I have, as usual, planned all of my meals for the week, but instead of just leaving Friday, Saturday and Sunday blank (and accepting a gain after a fun weekend), I forced myself to plan each meal that we’ll eat down to the last detail. It’s largely centred around packing sandwiches for lunch, and even pre-cooking some jacket potatoes for an early dinner on Friday at our Air B&B! I’m not going to bore you with the details, because they’re not important, but what is important is that by planning it in advance I’ve put myself completely in control! Because we’ve organised to stay in someone’s apartment through Air B&B, we’re not only saving money on London accommodation, but have a kitchen to use just like we would at home! This means that there’s actually only one meal that we’ll be eating out, and I’m relying on my own advice for that and heading to TGI Fridays! 

Control is what I lacked for years when it came to food, and what Slimming World has given me back. The minute I feel like the control is slipping away is when I start to unravel, and if I don’t catch myself (like last week) it tends to be when I have a gain. So by planning everything in advance, sorting out my shopping, and staying somewhere where I can keep control over my meals, I have given myself the best possible chance to get a loss next week. Fingers crossed it works! 

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