Eating Out At…Jamie’s Italian

I was lucky enough recently to be contacted by the lovely people at Jamie’s Italian, who asked me whether I’d like to try out their Evening Meal Deal and report back on it. Obviously I said yes! So off I popped recently for a lovely evening with my other half, who incidentally had been wanting to eat at Jamie’s for quite some time! Here are my thoughts on Jamie’s Italian, and their Evening Meal Deal…

Initial Impressions 

I was a bit early for my reservation, but was seated quickly and with a smile which is always nice! I love the atmosphere in Jamie’s, always have done, it’s got that quiet buzz that makes you feel comfortable no matter how busy it is, and it smells divine! Italian food is so sumptuous, and Jamie’s gets the balance just right… it isn’t pretentious by any means but it does put that effortless Italian charm to good use! 

The Menu 

So, as I’ve mentioned, I was there to try out the Evening Meal Deal. I have to confess that I hadn’t really done much research into what that meant before I turned up, and to be honest I’d kind of assumed that the menu might be slightly restricted. I couldn’t have been more wrong, because in fact the Evening Meal Deal encompasses the entire menu! How great is that? The way it works is you can enjoy any starter, any main and any pudding for just £20!!! How great is that? And it includes the specials! The only additional cost is if you decide to have the steak, which is just a £5 surplus charge. Given that the price of the steak on its own is £20 that’s not half bad. 

There’s also a huge amount of choice at Jamie’s, which is great if you’re on a diet or healthy eating plan like me, as it gives you the option to stick to that. As it happened the night I went to at at Jamie’s was one that I had earmarked to be ‘off plan’, but I could have just as easily stuck to Slimming World. 

I opted for some absolutely divine fried ravioli stuffed with THREE different types of cheese, followed by a thin cut of steak (not the one with the surplus) with a tomato salsa and chips, and then finished it all off with a gooey chocolate brownie topped with caramel ice cream. I know right!!! It was so worth the calories (and the syns), and all of that for £20 is a bargain by anyone’s standard!


The Quality 

I thought the food at Jamie’s Italian was fantastic! The ravioli that I had to start were something that I had never tried before, and I didn’t really know what to expect but they were absolutely exquisite, and the steak was seriously melt in the mouth. Funnily enough one of my favourite parts of the meal was the tomato salsa that topped my steak, because it just had so much flavour in it…and man was that brownie rich and delicious! Over all, I can’t fault the food or the presentation, and the portion sizes weren’t half bad either! When you put all of that alongside the excellent value of the Evening Meal Deal, you’ve got the ideal dinner out, whether it’s for two of you or for more! It wasn’t just me who enjoyed our meal, Rob loved it too which was a big plus in my books! 


The Service

Simply excellent to be honest! Our waitress was a seasoned pro, she knew the menu back to front, reeled off the specials without hesitation and explained anything we needed to know with ease. She was really friendly, and had a smile on her face the whole time no matter who she was serving! I’ve eaten at Jamie’s before and their service is something that I’ve always noticed and appreciated, as the waiters and waitresses are always great! The food came out quickly and with no issues too which is always great! 

Slimming World Friendly? 

Well, like I said, I had taken the day off from Slimming World (the scales were not pleased!) but my experience wouldn’t have changed if I had been trying to stick to plan. I could have asked for my steak with salad or veg for example, and they’ve got some delicious sounding salads on the menu. Pasta is also relatively low syn, and Jamie’s are famous for the authentic Italian pasta dishes. I very almost went for the prawn linguine, which I know would have been on plan, but the call of chips was far too great! If you’re following the Slimming World plan I would highly recommend heading to enjoy the Evening Meal Deal at Jamie’s Italian, particularly as if you are you’ll be well aware that Slimming World isn’t the cheapest diet, which makes any great value meal out even better! 


*I received money off my bill in return for dining at Jamie’s Italian but all views and opinions are my own!  


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