22 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

As you might know, in the last year I have finally cracked my weight loss! I’m on a roll, and I’m getting rid of some actual rolls in the process. But it wasn’t always this way…

Growing up I wasn’t one of those seriously obese children you see on the news, not even close, but I was always a bit chubby and over the years, there were various things which led to serious over consumption of food, and under consumption of exercise. My weight just continued to creep up and up, and there was nothing that anyone else could have done to stop that. Looking back now, there are definitely a few things I’d tell younger me if I could… 

  1. “Food won’t solve your problems…talking, feeling and listening solves problems” 
  2. “Listen to your mother, she’s right most of the time!” 
  3. “Just because you’ve cycled to get them, doesn’t mean eating three bags of sweets is OK…” 
  4. “Kids are mean, but it does get better” 
  5. “Teenagers are meaner…I seriously promise it gets better!”
  6. “Stop lying about what you eat, it’s unhealthy”
  7. “Starving yourself won’t make you lose weight…you’ll just end up binging…a lot!”
  8. “Moderation is important…learn how to put the biscuits down!” 
  9. “Boys don’t validate your existence, don’t let them think they do”
  10. “Boarding school isn’t for you…trust me on that one” 
  11. “Not all girls look the same, don’t compare yourself to others, just be what makes you happy”
  12. “Measuring yourself by impossible beauty standards won’t lead anywhere good”
  13. “Just because you hide the wrappers, doesn’t mean you didn’t eat the sweets” 
  14. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not beautiful, inside and out!” 
  15. “Admit when you need help and accept the support when its given” 
  16. “Stop weighing yourself obsessively”
  17. “Fad diets really don’t work long term” 
  18. “Love your body for what it is, and learn to accept your flaws” 
  19. “It is OK to feel scared, and lost, but don’t ever feel alone…more people love you than you think!” 
  20. “Learning to accept the past is the only way to come to terms with it” 
  21. “Feelings don’t equal food…food is great, feelings are great, but a packet of Skittles won’t stop you feeling sad or stressed”
  22. “Fat isn’t a dirty word, it’s just a state of being!” 

I know that all of the bad stuff is just part of growing up, and will have made me who I am today…confident, strong, driven…but I could have done without some of the angst back then, and who knows, maybe I could have stopped me putting on at least some of this weight! 

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