My Slimming World Essentials

As with everything, practice makes perfect, and Slimming World really isn’t any different. Once you’ve been doing it long enough there are certain things which become second nature, like how many syns in a gin, or how to turn a few carrots, half a piece of fat free bacon and three leaves of spinach into a deliciously on plan lunch, because you will not give into the siren call of KFC!

To be honest there are so many things that I can’t live without on Slimming World, including (but not limited to) broccoli, Muller Lights and pizza (yes you can have pizza on Slimming World, find out how here!), but here are just a few of the things which feature near enough every day! Try and take these things out of my diet and not only will I crumble and fall off the wagon spectacularly, I will also turn into a hungry, angry gollum intent on tracking down the last carton of eggs in the shop! 


Because it’s just so versatile! There are very few meals that I don’t fancy chicken in, whether it’s roasted, stir fried, baked or bashed down to make a pizza base, it’s one of the most useful, and therefore one of my most eaten, foods about. My favourite chicken dish will probably always by my Slimming World KFC Chicken which is totally syn free! 



Much like chicken, I’ve always been an egg fan. But it’s a commonly understood fan that if you’re a Slimming World-er then eggs play a big role in your day to day diet! There are some days where I seem to focus on different food groups more than others, not for any reason in particular, but on particularly protein packed days I’ve often eaten 6 hard boiled eggs in one day! They make the ideal snack, are easy to make and take to work with me, and they keep me full up…what more could I want!?!



I don’t know about you but I hadn’t even heard of quark before starting Slimming World, and frankly even when I discovered it I was a bit sceptical. I avoided recipes with quark in for ages but man was I missing out! I admit that it’s a very love it or hate it kind of food, and some people think it’s absolutely vile, but I think it’s great! I tend to use it in more savoury recipes than sweet ones though, and when I tried the Slimming World chocolate mousse (mixing Quark and an Options Hot Chocolate sachet) I wasn’t a fant, but it’s fab for sauces, fillings, cakes etc… and it’s the secret to perfect Syn Free Mashed potato too! Don’t believe me? Here’s the recipe, try it for yourself! 

download (1)

A Lunch Box

Once upon a time I used to buy lunch at work every day, it got expensive to say the least! Nowadays I take home cooked lunches into work almost every day, so a decent lunch box is essential! The one I’ve got is a “Sistema Lunch Slimline Quaddie Lunchbox with Bottle”. It’s great because it’s got a whole bunch of different compartments and the bottle is really useful for dressings and sauces…

Here’s the link to pick one up yourself, they’re well worth it for £4!

A Slow Cooker

I actually have a kind of multi cooker, which does everything short of eating the food for you, but the slow cooker function is what I use on it most! My go do is Slow Cooked Diet Coke Gammon, because it gives me food for the whole week! Slow cookers are perfect for soups, stews, even cakes, and you can pick one up for pretty cheap nowadays! There’s a link to a really useful Slow Cooker at the end of this post! 



OK so this isn’t food related as such, but it’s one of my most important essentials! Don’t roll your eyes! Honestly I wouldn’t have got anywhere near as far as I have without the help and support of the ‘SWInsta’ community (yes it’s a thing)! Whether it’s posting about a bad day and receiving encouragement and advice, or sharing my recipes and seeing endless inspiration from others, it’s completely essential in my Slimming World success. The only downside is that I am one of those annoying people who obsessively photographs EVERYTHING I eat…it’s almost like a visual food diary to keep me in check. Follow me @basementbakehouse_sw if you’re on there too!  


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